editing services

I am a part-time student at university, so I am at the moment available to work on longer projects. Please email me at natyann11@gmail.com for business inquiries.

Manuscript Critiques

These critiques focus on the wider issues of the manuscript, such as plot holes, character development, and pacing. After reading your manuscript, I will write up a thorough report of these issues. I can also write in-text comments for an extra fee.

W/out in-text comments: $0.003 per word ($30 per 10k words)

W/ in-text comments: $0.004 per word ($40 per 10k words)


Copyediting focuses on the grammar, spelling, and general correctness of writing. Copyedits occur after the manuscript has been fully developed.

$0.003 per word ($30 per 10k words)


Proofreading occurs after copyediting, so it generally is a quicker process. Proofreading helps catch any mistakes the copyeditor might have missed and ensures your manuscript is clean and polished.

$0.002 per word ($20 per 10k words)

NOTE: I do not edit any erotica or graphic sex scenes (although I am alright with non-graphic scenes). I may also refrain from editing your work if it promotes racism, homophobia, sexism, or any other offensive topics. Please contact me if you have any concerns about your work.