Congrats. You’ve found the about natalie section of this blog. This means you’re one of three people: 1. my mother, 2. me when I’m feeling vain or lonely, or 3. a truly interested reader—the rarest bird of all.

If you fall under the third category, here are some facts about me. Since, you know, that’s what you came for.

  • My name is Natalie
  • I’m twenty-one years old
  • I’ve a BA in English and Editing
  • I read a lot
  • And bake a lot
  • And eat a lot
  • lots

If you have anything you would like me to substantive edit or copy edit, please message me at this email address (natyann11@gmail.com) or on my contact page. Or if you would like to chat about books and life in general, please leave me a comment!