in which i relive my childhood

Hello, world.

I’ve loved reading for a long time. (When I was young, I would collect stacks of books to read as I sat on our couch, usually accompanied by a sleeve of cookies.) But this lifelong love affair really began when I read a book that sparked the flame.


Goodreads summary:

Many hundreds of years ago, the city of Ember was created by the Builders to contain everything needed for human survival. It worked…but now the storerooms are almost out of food, crops are blighted, corruption is spreading through the city and worst of all—the lights are failing. Soon Ember could be engulfed by darkness…

But when two children, Lina and Doon, discover fragments of an ancient parchment, they begin to wonder if there could be a way out of Ember. Can they decipher the words from long ago and find a new future for everyone? Will the people of Ember listen to them?

I loved this book as a kid.

I can’t remember when exactly I first read it. I think my third grade class read it together, and I read on my own the next school year. I continued to read it another seven or eight times in the following years. The story entranced my thoughts like nothing else. I couldn’t get enough.

The City of Ember was one of the trailblazers for the current dystopian craze, and consequently it felt really fresh and original to my young mind. I had never imagined that the world could be like the world described in a novel, had never imagined having to live in an underground city. The idea fascinated me. I wanted to know everything about the story and the world and the characters.

I so loved the characters. I wanted to be just like lovely Lina, and quiet, moody Doon seemed to me the most adorable of persons. (I had such a big crush on him tbh.)

More than anything, the book gave me a new world to inhabit and to explore. It taught me to expand my imagination. (I forced my little brother to play “Lina and Doon” with me all the time.) I can’t thank this book enough for all it did for me.

I almost want to reread this book now. Maybe its time to dust it off from my bookshelf.

yours, Natalie

Tune in tomorrow at noon for the next post!



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