in which welsh kings appear (part 2)

Hello, world.

If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, I explained why I am (and why everyone else should be) obsessed with the Raven Cycle. Hopefully you enjoyed reading about it! If you did not, tough luck, because I’m going to talk about it some more.


It was difficult to decide which of the books was my *favorite*, a word which should be used in the loosest of terms. I love each book for different aspects, and I love them all for the way they work together as a series. But an answer must be given, so I made myself think of one. As I sat contemplating this, the third book came more and more into my mind.

That’s right–I’m saying Blue Lily, Lily Blue is my favorite (kind of).

I say this for many reasons. One, look at the gorgeous cover.


Two, I think it holds an interesting place in the series. As it is the third book, we know the characters pretty well. Consequently, Maggie is able to explore even deeper and more complexly into their motivations and dreams and relationships. Speaking of which, the friendship moments in this book are so good. (THE FREAKING COURT SCENE.) As Blue says herself, “Blue was perfectly aware that it was possible to have a friendship that wasn’t all-encompassing, that wasn’t blinding, deafening, maddening, quickening. It was just that now that she’d had this kind, she didn’t want the other.” (Same, Blue. Same.)

Three, as it is the penultimate book, the tensions and conflicts get very, well, tense and conflicted. Gansey begins to wonder what his life will be after he finds Glendower, simultaneously having a definitely unrelated mental breakdown throughout the entire novel. (Like I said last post, I AM GANSEY.) Adam deals with the emotion and pain of facing his abusive father, as well as with Cabeswater throwing a temper tantrum that it expects him to fix. And Blue and Ronan and Noah–each one deals with issues that have been building up for two books, now, without experiencing the resolution that the final book would bring.  The entire book sits on a sharp edge, ready to fall one way or another, and I love it.

Four, the romance between Blue and Gansey is so breathtaking and so subtle and so dang beautiful. The way Maggie built up to the moments between them is so interesting to me because we knew that they were coming; from the very beginning of the Raven Boys, we know that Gansey is Blue’s true love. Yet I still found myself eager and surprised at how they fall in love. I just think their relationship builds so well and realistically. Also, the car scenes? “What was a kiss without a kiss?” RIP me.

supernatural so many feelings somanyfeelings

Five, Jesse Dittley.

Six, Gwenllian.

Seven, the writing continues to ache in my very soul. I’ll just leave this quote for your consideration.

“And a final, anxious part–an ever-growing part–was occupied with the color of the fall sky, the leaves on the ground, the sense that time was passing without being replaced, that it was running out and spooling to the end.”

(I have no words.)

I have given my reasons in seven parts. And since seven is the number of perfection, clearly Blue Lily, Lily Blue is a perfect novel. I rest my case.

Tune in tomorrow at noon for the next post.


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